A practice centered around the themes of Open Source, Mechatronics, and Art.

Mr. Bricolage

Mr. Bricolage is a collaborative practice by Thomas Asmuth and James Stone; their practice aims to be embodiment of ‘one can do it’ from the popular jingle of the group’s European retailer namesake.  Mr. Bricolage projects are centered around the themes of Open Source, Mechatronics, and Art.

Thomas Amuth

Thomas Asmuth is an artist working from the southern United States. His work centers around  the culture and aesthetics of science and technology, social practice, and performance. His other current projects include autonomous robotics, an exploration of the identity of the ‘Space Race’ generation through portraits and imaging, and gaming interventions.  He is an alumnus of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media and  the San Francisco Art Institute. Asmuth’s projects and collaborations have been exhibited internationally including: 01SJ (‘06 and ‘08), Laguna Art Museum, the Tang Teaching Museum, and transmediale09. Thomas Asmuth is a principle contributor in the development of the digital media curriculum at the University of West Florida as a Visiting Assistant Professor.

James Stone

James Stone is an artist and University Fellow at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a graduate of the CADRE program at San Jose State University and a former Java programmer of 10 years. He is an advocate of Open Source hardware and software such as the Arduino microcontroller and the Processing programming language and environment.  He was recently awarded a summer residency at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at the Pennsylvania State University to continue work on his thesis project investigating Cyborg Plants. He was a partner on the Floating World temporary public art project jointly sponsored by the San Jose Arts Commission and the 01sj Art and Technology Festival and also served as Faculty for Eyebeam Roadshow at 01sj 2010.